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Tromblay Conditioner Intense 4oz.
Tromblay Conditioner Intense 16oz.  

Tromblay Conditioner Intense
Best Seller

A protein rich reconstructor formulated for extremely damaged hair.  A terrific boost for chemically treated hair that has been depleted of its natural oils. Restores softness, gloss and body. You’ll see unequaled results in just one application. pH 4.4 - 5.0

Tromblay Conditioner Moisture Loc 4oz.
Tromblay Conditioner Moisture Loc 16oz.

Tromblay Conditioner Moisture Loc

Our best fine hair choice: Won''t leave hair too soft

A super moisturizing conditioner, rich in humectants. Restores hair’s essential moisture to its optimum 8% level, then locks it in. Transforms dry, damaged hair into lustrous, full, healthy looking hair. Keratin Protein helps prevent split ends and Panthenol soothes the Cuticle. pH 4.0 - 5.0

Tromblay Conditioner Refine 4oz.
Tromblay Conditioner Refine 16oz.

Tromblay Conditioner Refine

Gives Hair Strength

Deep conditions dry damaged and chemically treated hair in just sixty seconds. Structurizing proteins of differing molecular weights penetrate deep within the hair shaft producing benefits like no singular protein can: Rice Protein with a low molecular weight penetrates the hair shaft to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. Increases hair’s flexibility and elasticity; Corn Protein with a mild-range molecular weight adds shine and luster to dull hair. Holds water in the hair shaft at increase levels.  Enriched with 19 amino acids and l-1 Vitamins essential for hair nutrition.  Botanical extracts energize and revitalize depleted, stressed hair. pH 6.4 - 6.9

Tromblay Shampoo Endurance

Tromblay Shampoo Endurance

For chemically treated hair

A very gentle conditioning shampoo formulated for the special needs of chemically treated hair. Nourishing concentrations of whole Wheat Protein, Jojoba and Vitamins A, D and E create a super infusion of moisture and protein that strengthen hair damaged by over processing.  A calming blend of botanical extracts naturally soothes the scalp. Your hair will be more manageable, fuller and shiner with every use. Eliminates chemical treatment odors. pH 6.20 - 6.80

Tromblay Shampoo Five Star

Tromblay Shampoo Five Star

Our must luxurious

An ultra rich shampoo that cleanses hair with luxurious lather and contains conditioners that add softness, body and bounce to stressed hair. Contains Vitamins A, D, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 for conditioning and moisture balance.  Fortified With Whole Wheat Amino Acids and leaves hair healthy, manageable and glossy. Enhanced with a deodorizing freshener to remove chemical processing odors, cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors. Won’t fade color or relax curl. pH 5.00 - 6.00



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